"The Red Dot Game" is a screamer prank that was uploaded to YouTube in December of 2010. The original maker is user BigPlanetFilms. It is not to be confused with another screamer, "Red Dot Game ".


This video acts as a game where, in each round, you must find the red dot hidden amongst other dots. Round 1 has mostly green dots, with the red one standing out pretty obviously. Round 2 has mostly orange dots, and the red dot here is a little small, but still easy to decipher. Round 3 where EVERY dot is red, but you must look for the smallest dot, located at the top right. Finally, Round 4, where once again every dot is red, but our titular small dot isn't present, even when the game gives you a hint. Afterwards, a man with a feminine appearance appears with a rather comical scream.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.


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