The man and woman seen in The Scavengers ad.

The Scavengers

The Scavengers is the name of a British public information film shown before horror movies in 1987. The ad is from a charity known as Lynx, attempting to stop animal fur trading. This ad takes things up a notch.

The ad starts off in a fly's point of view, hovering and buzzing over a city, as ominous music plays. The ad then cuts to a woman exiting a car and entering a building with a fur coat in hand. Meanwhile, the flies manage to enter the building and set their sights on a fur coat on a mannequin. After a couple of metaphors comparing the flies and the humans to using fur, the woman finally notices something suspicious about that mannequin. She and a man she met walk over to it as the weird sound effects in the back increase in volume.

As soon as the woman pulls the mannequin's coat, a series of fast close-ups of the flies and maggots taking refuge in the mannequin appear, revealed to be an animal carcass with a still-beating heart, which ends up falling to the floor. The disturbing scene is accompanied by electronic echoing screams. The ad ends with this message: "When animals are killed for fur, two kinds of scavengers move in. The difference? The flies don't know better."


NOTE: The following video contains extremely graphic content.


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