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WonkyTonkBotty's Crapsterpiece

WonkyTonkBotty's Crapsterpiece is an intentionally poorly made (for a contest of such nature) Downfall Parody/Michael Rosen YouTube Poop made by WonkyTonkBotty (Known on this Wiki as Ponkenstein); part of the intentional poor-quality is that it contains several different screamers/jumpscares at random moments:

  • At 1:27, a picture of Harrybo's Grandad suddenly shoots into the screen with a blood-curdling scream from Psycho.
  • At 6:02, the jumpscare from the game Killer Escape (a dead body falls on top of you from a locker) appears.
  • Finally, at 6:33, a different picture of Amy from Fright Night appears with another familiar scream.


NOTE: The following link contains multiple screamers, gore, and explicit sexual/NSFW content.