World's Largest Snake Found Dead,is a screamer video,also on of the most popular.There are various other versions of this video.
Snake head

It starts with a camera recording a snake's body, wich seems dead.It starts from the tail of the snake,wich is not moving,making the viewer think the snake is dead.It then continues recording the rest of its body wich is also not moving,making it seem really dead.As the camera continues recording the snake body,it slowly apporaches the head of the snake.The viewer can see the snakes body getting thinner and thinner,until the camera comes to the head.The head suddenly jumps on the camera,and the recorder starts screaming very loud.The video then ends.

Other Versions

The video went popular,and many users made duplicates of the video,like:Longest Snake ever!,Biggest Snake found dead!,World's Largest Snake Found DEAD... Tragic....And more.

There are various reaction videos to the screamer,and it became viral.

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