Zoeken, also known as Find the 3 differences between these 2 pictures, is a Dutch prank. Zoeken is a Dutch word for Search/ searching.

The game asks the player to find the three differences between two identical pictures of some hills and a river. After a short while, a picture of the character 'Amy Peterson' from the 1985 horror cult classic movie Fright Night suddenly appears, zooming in and out a few times over a roar, before heading to the end portion with a picture of SpongeBob SquarePants and the sound of SpongeBob laughing.

As far as is known, this was the first screamer to use the image of Amy from Fright Night as the jumpscare image.


NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer.

  • (Unofficial English version)
  • (Unofficial Chinese version)


NOTE: This picture can be scary for younger audiences.